Cacao butter

Cacao butter, or theobrama oil, is one of the leftovers after squeezing the cacao mass. The result is a pale-yellow, edible, vegetable fat substance with a cacao flavor and aroma. The best-known attribute of cacao butter is it's melting point of around 35 C, just below the human body temperature. It makes the butter very soft and spreadable.


Cacao butter is the major ingredient in almost all types of chocolates (white, milk and dark chocolate). The low melting point is the reason why chocolate melts in your mouth. In the United States, 100% cacao butter must be used for the product to be called chocolate. the EU requires that alternative fats not exceed 5% of the total fat content. 


It's spreadabily at room temperature makes it a beloved ingredient for ointments, toiletries and pharmaceuticals. It is a popular ingredient in products for (dry) skin, such as lipbalms, moisturizers and lotions. The use of Cacao butter in cosmetics can be identified by the listing of Theobroma cacao, the Latin name for the cacaotree.

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