GLOBAL trade in AGri commodities

International business to business trading with utz certified cacao and cacao products

About AGRI

Cacao, the product that brought AGRI to where it is today, is still the most important product in our portfolio. Apart from cacao however, we have developed close relations with our local partners and our clients in other agricultural products, such as: coffee, dried tropical fruits, tropical fruit concentrates, nuts, coconut products and rubber.

AGRI is the connection between the agricultural field to the market, and we work with respect for people and planet. We have UTZ, Fair Trade and Organic certifications to support this.

We are globally present, with sources, among other, in Tanzania, Ivory Coast, DR Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinnea, Malawi, Peru, The Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka. From our offices in Singapore and The Netherlands we supply the international industry in Europe, the middle East and Asia.

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